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1. Ask About Breed and Age-Specific Guidelines

The first place to start when discussing pet nutrition with our veterinary team at Mills Veterinary Care is to ask about the breed and age-specific guidelines. Just like humans, puppies or kittens and senior pets have different needs. Likewise, some breeds do better with various ingredients thanks to their genetic profile. 

Think of it this way, a senior Chihuahua is likely to have a completely different set of dietary needs than a Great Dane puppy. Take note of their advice and be sure to do a bit of your own research, as well.

2. Assess Where Your Pet is Currently At

When it comes to talking to Dr. Kompel about pet nutrition, you need to assess together where your pet is currently at. Are they overweight or underweight for their size? Are certain ingredients in their food creating health problems, like itchy skin or bad breath? Take note of these items and bring them up while discussing what to feed your cat or dog.

3. Make Changes at Home

One of the most important aspects of talking to your vet about pet nutrition is a willingness to make changes at home. While your cat or dog probably loves that extra piece of cheese or scraps off of your plate, those are not necessarily good for a well-balanced diet. Instead, be open to taking professional advice and following it once you leave the animal clinic.

4. Be Willing to Try Something New

Today’s pet foods are as varied as the choices we humans make at the grocery store. Whether your animal needs a meat-based or gluten-free diet, has an allergic reaction to a special ingredient, or requires a low-calorie blend, there’s a brand out there for them. The key point is to be willing to listen to your trusted veterinarian’s guidance and try something new.

Asking Dr. Kompel about what to feed your pet is easy. By keeping these four tips in mind, you can rest assured that your fluffy feline or canine companion gets the right diet to ensure a long, healthy life. For help with your pet’s diet, contact us at (609) 735-6160.

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