If you live in Brown Mills, NJ, and have a pet, save yourself the trouble of looking online for a veterinarian near you and bring your pet to us at Mills Veterinary Care. We provide a number of services, including:


Preventative Care

This includes a number of different services but a big one is pet wellness exams. This includes looking at your pet’s teeth and gums and checking his weight. It's also important to make sure that he is current with his vaccines, even if he is an indoor. It's better to be cautious.


You may be as diligent as you possibly can but pets have a way of sneaking out that door. Pet microchipping involves painlessly injecting a tiny chip into your pet’s shoulder blades. That chip will give the scanner the ability to find your contact information. If someone finds your pet, a vet can scan to see if he is chipped and then locate you.

Behavior Consults

There are times when your pet’s behavior might be considered a problem. He may bark when he shouldn't. He may even destroy things. Bring them to our animal clinic and we'll work with you to find a solution.


There are times that your pet may be so old or sick that it is time for them to pass. We can help make sure your pet is euthanized painlessly and help you throughout the process.

Other Services

These are just some of the services that we provide. Others include medical grooming, nutritional advice, and surgery. We will gladly explain our services to you and answer any questions you may have.

Get Vet Care from Our Animal Clinic

At Mills Veterinary Care, we're proud to provide vet care for the pets of Brown Mills, NJ. If you need a vet, we're here for you. Contact us today to make an appointment with a veterinarian near you. Call us at (609) 735-6160 for more information.

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